Issues of Revista del Ciclo Económico (c), ISSN (E): 2718-8760

The first issue has been published on first half of 2020. It contains four (4), articles about: a) The Effects of Real Exchange Rate on the Economic Growth in Sierra Leone (1980 – 2015); b) Do Companies in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries Manage their Earnings?; c) Effect of education, economic growth and inflation on poverty reduction in Pakistan, and; d) Emigration and Industry in the South of Brazil: the Case of Stara.

The second issue appeared on second half of 2020. It contain five (5), papers: a) Critical Review of Tourism Industry for Sustainable Development of Azerbaijan; b) An In-depth Analysis the Effectiveness of Innovative Tools for Entrepreneurial University; c) Les Productrices Burkinabes du Faso Dan Fani (FDF) face á la labelisation du pagne FDF; d) Sustainable Development: Issues and Challenges in India, and; e) Réformes de retraite et inégalités de revenus Chez les travailleurs du secteur privé en Côte d’Ivoire.

The third issue at first half 2021, contains four (4), papers: a) Remittances and Labour Productivity in Sub-Saharan Africa; b) Les technologies de l’information et de la communication et vente des produits agricoles au Togo : une analyse de l’efficience par la frontière stochastique; c) The Earnings of workers by their Fields of Choice in Trinidad and Tobago; 




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