Editorial Board


Martin Ike-Muonso, Lagos (Nigeria).
Manager of the Editorial Board

Martin is Ph.D in Economics (ESEADE, Argentina). He’s a professor of the practice of economics at Euclid University and a Visiting Professor to the Virtual University of Uganda to date. Between 2009 and 2015 he served as the Chairman of the Economic & Statistics Committee of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce & Industries (Nigeria’s largest chamber of commerce). He also served as a member of the research and advocacy committee of the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria and currently serves as the Chief Economist and head of transformation at GTI Capital Group (an international investment banking group) with offices in Nigeria and the United Kingdom. Martin is a trade specialist and business environment expert and has been engaged in several consulting projects of the World Bank, USAID, DFID, and Adam Smith in these areas. At various times, he was a back-page columnist for the Nigerian Oracle newspaper as well as a member of the editorial boards of Nigeria’s Business Day and Financial Standard newspapers. He was Editorial Manager of the Economist of the World Review (EOW) between 2009-2011. An on line publication edited in Mauritius and Argentina and distributed to the memberships of the Economist of the World Group at Linkedin. Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) from SMC University and a master’s degree (MSc) in economics. He was Editorial Board Manager of the Economist of the World Review (EOW) between 2009-2011. An on line publication edited in Mauritius and Argentina, and distributed to the memberships of the Economist of the World Group at Linkedin.


Amer N. Rajá, Trou aux Biches (Mauritius).
Amer is MBA (The International University of Lahore, Pakistan). He’s a profound thinker with a futuristic outlook and an avant-gardist entrepreneur with a much diversified background, interests and experiences having special emphasis on aesthetics, design and socio-politico-economic development focusing on philosophy & history, knowledge and any other valid aspect concerning human welfare and universal phenomenon. Amongst his commercial ventures, MaxMin and Sthetiks are the major ones dealing with Commodities, Projects, Finance, Management Consultancy,socio-politico-economic advisory, Design and Creative Agency functions. He is also associated with an aviation think tank and NGO’s working for bridging gaps among different cultures and nations thorough promotion and use of art, music and research. He has published works in Journal of Entrepreneurship and Pathways (magazine issued by Society of International Philosophers). He has also taught Economics, Accounting & Advertising to MBA/BBA course. Furthermore, he is founder of World Philo-Mathematics & Design Society (WPMDS) which is unique fusion between Philosophy, Design & Mathematics whereby delving in & promoting a holistic model for better understanding and advancement. Besides, he is also founder of World Association Anti War & Peace (WAAP) which is neither a political organization nor act as activism but as a forum to inform enlightened people of variant views about any particular issue. It aims at promoting common universal values negating myopic Machiavellianism and nationalism. He was Editorial Board Membership & Publisher Manager of the Economist of the World Review (EOW) between 2009-2011. An on line publication edited in Mauritius and Argentina, and distributed to the memberships of the Economist of the World Group at Linkedin.


Diego del Barrio Vázquez, Santiago (Chile).
Diego is MBA (Institute of Stock Market Studies, Universidad Complutense, Spain) candidate for a PhD in Economics by UnLam, Buenos Aires Argentina. He is Director of the School of Public Administration in the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences of the University of Valparaiso, Chile, where he dictates the Macroeconomics chair. He has been a professor at the University of Chile and a visiting professor at the University of La Salle, Bogotá, Colombia. He was president of the College of Public Administrators of Chile (2013-2016) and is a member of the Society of Economic History of Chile.


Academic Board


Martin Krause, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
President of the Academic Board
 Martin is Ph.D. in Administration (1978), from the Catholic University of La Plata (UCALP). Since then he has been mainly dedicated to academic and consulting tasks in the field of economics. In 1998 it was approved by the Professor of Economics of the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). He is also a Professor at the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the same university and visiting professor at the Francisco Marroquín University in Guatemala and the OMMA-Ayau Center (Spain). He was Professor and Rector of the ESEADE graduate school. Member of the Education Association, Deputy Academician of the Cato Institute and of the Academic Board of Freedom & Progress Foundation (Buenos Aires). He received several awards and scholarships within the framework of the 2007 Annual Award of the Academy of Sciences of the City of Buenos Aires: “Laws and Economy”, the Eisenhower Exchange Grants in 1993 and the Freedom Project of the John Templeton Foundation in 1999 and 2000. He participated as a lecturer in dozens of seminars and meetings, and as an observer in all electoral processes throughout the world. He has published several books: The Forum and the Bazaar (UFM, 2014); Economy, Institutions and Public Policies (Buenos Aires: The Law, 2011), Elements of Political Economy (The Law, 2007, with Adrián Ravier and Gabriel Zanotti), By the eye of a needle: ethics, business and money in today’s world (Aguilar, 2007), Economic Analysis of Law: editor, (La Ley, 2005), Economy for Entrepreneurs (Aguilar, 2004), The Economy explained to my children (Aguilar, 2003), The Tale of the Economy (CEDICE , Caracas 2001), Defense of the Most Needs and Projects for an Open Society (in conjunction with Alberto Benegas Lynch (h) and Direct Democracy (in conjunction with Margarita Molteni), chapters of books and articles in academic journals and newspapers of all America.


Ignacio E. Carballo, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Ignacio E. Carballo is Ph.D in Social Science (FLACSO), [Candidate] and specialist in Microfinance and Financial Inclusion. HE has a degree in Economics (cum-laude) from the Universidad de Buenos Aires and a Master degree in in Microfinance and Financial Inclusion from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid by grant from the Carolina Foundation (best qualification of promotion 2016). Ignacio has certificates of Microfinance Analyst by the Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA) and UNED of Spain and of Microfinance Expert (CEMF) by the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Germany. He is lecturer at the Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA), the Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA) and Universidad Austral. At UCA he is also main professor in the Postgraduate Course in Financial Inclusion and Social Economy and Director of the Executive Program in Fintech and Digital Banking at it´s Business School. He has held positions as researcher at the Center for Applied Research belonging to the Business School of the UCA and at IAE Business School of the Universidad Austral. In addition, has collaborated with the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development (AECID) and in regional consulting projects financed by the IDB-MIF. He is also a PhD candidate at the Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (FLACSO) and collaborates as a researcher at the Centro de Estudios de la Estructura Económica (CENES) of the FCE-UBA. Ignacio is an important young researcher and reference into the FinTech Field in Latin America. Regulary publish his articles in books about Microfinance & Financial Inclusion published by te InterAmerican Development Bank (IADB-BID), CONICET, CAICYT, Pontificia Universiad Javeriana (Colombia), and other Universities from Argentina and Overseas. Some of his working papers has been exposed at the Annual Meeting of the Asociación Argentina de Economía Política [Trans. Argentina’s Economic Policy Association] since 2014 to the present.


Hernán E. Gil Forleo, Buenos Aires (Argentina),
Hernán is MSc in Economics & Political Science [Candidate], (ESEADE). He’s Professor of Economics & Finance at Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA). Currently his research is focused on the Austrian Business Cycles Theory. These Working Papers has been exposed regulary at the Annual Meeting of the Asociación Argentina de Economía Politica (AAEP) [Trans. Argentina’s Economic Policy Association]. Since 2010 has been assigned like Secretary of Economic Research Commission at CPCECABA. He was the Founder & Editorial Board Membership of the Economist of the World Review (EOW) between 2009-2011. An on line publication edited in Mauritius and Argentina, and distributed to the memberships of the Economist of the World Group at Linkedin.


International Board


Gregor Heindrich, Basel (Switzerland)
President of the International Board
Gregor is a retired senior official from the Bank for International Settlements (BIS). He held positions in the BIS Legal Department and the BIS Monetary and Economic Department, and was Chief Representative for the Americas, based at the BIS Representative Office in Mexico City. He holds a law degree from the University of Hamburg (Germany) as well as an “Assessor” degree, with admission to the bar. In his earlier capacity as Secretary to the Committee on Payment and Settlement Systems (now Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructures) he has collaborated with the IMF, Worldbank, CEMLA, JVI and other institutions. He was an Editorial Board Member of Payment Systems Worldwide. He has published and lectured on numerous topics relating in particular to payment systems, legal issues regarding central bank governance and financial stability. Gregor has also worked as consultant with Systemic Policy Partnership (SPP) in London and is still  occasionally involved with that partnerhship.


Ana Esmeralda Martínez Saenz, Madrid (Spain).
Ana is Ph.D. in Economics (University of Alcalá). She’s Economist and civil servant, member of the Trade Expert and State Economists Corps. Economist from the University of Alcalá and doctoral candidate in Economics. She completed her training at the London School of Economics, Harvard University and IESE. Ana has held a number of economic advisory positions on economic and budgetary policy for senior Spanish government members, among which its activity in the Economic Office of the Prime Minister between 2008 and 2012 is noted . She is currently Senior Advisor to the Secretary of State for Environment at the Ministry for Ecological Transition in Spain. She has been research staff and lecturer of international macroeconomics at the University of Alcalá. She has several publications in Spanish and European budgetary policy and in the area of structural reforms in the reform process of the former centrally planned economies.


Evelyn S. Devadason, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).
Evelyn is Ph.D in Economics (University of Malaya). She’s a Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Administration, University of Malaya. She obtained her Economics from the National University of Singapore in 1992. Her research focuses on international trade and regional integration. Her research work has seen print in international journals such as World Development, Journal of International Development, Pacific Review, Journal of Contemporary Asia, Journal of Contemporary China, Asian Economic Journal, Singapore Economic Review, Global Economic Review and Agricultural Economics. She has been engaged in a number of international research projects, including the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions-Asian and Pacific Regional Organization (ICFTU-APRO), Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI), Asian Development Bank (ADB), World Bank, Economic Research Institute of Asia and ASEAN – United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (ERIA-UNCTAD) partnership, Food Industry Asia (FIA), United Nations Economic Programme – Denmark Technical University (UNEP-DTU) partnership, and more recently in the European Union’s Horizon 2020- Research and Innovation Framework Programme on Competing Regional Integration in Southeast Asia (CRISEA). of Eastern Europe.”


Viktor Pál, Miskolc (Hungary)
Viktor is Ph.D in Economics from the University of Tampere (Finland). Currently is International Posdoctoral Fellow at University of St. Petersburg (Russia). He was Ph.D exchange at UCLA (International Institute, 2007 and at the Department of History in 2010-2011). Previously he was Lecturer and Researcher at the University of Helsinski (Finland). Post-doctoral researcher at the Department of History of Sciences and Technologies (Solovak Academic Sciences, Slovak Republic). Post-doctoral fellow at New College Europe (Buncharest, Romania). Lecturer at University of Economics (Vienna, Austria). Viktor was awarded by the Academic of Finland by his research: “Pour Me a Cold One: A Cold War History of Beverage Containers”. In the last 12 years he received grant support from important Universites located at  the United States, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia like The University of Tampere (Finland), The International Fellowship of the New Europe College (Romania), the Aktion Österreich-Slowakei (Austria). He is member of American Society for Environmental History (ASEH), European Society for Environmental History (ESEH), Hungarian Historical Society (MTT), Society for the History of Technology (SHOT). He taught many courses and public conferences in Nanterre (France), Vienna (Austria), Stockholm (Sweden), Tallin (Estonia), Helsinksi and Tampere (Finland), Bratislava (Slovak Republic), Oxford (United Kingdom), and Darmstadt (Germany).  In 2018, Routlegde published his co-editor book: Environmental Politics and Policy under Authoritarian Regimes: Myth and Reality. In 2017, Palgrave Macmillan published his book: “Technology and the Environment in State-Socialist Hungary: An Economic History. He is  author of many research papers in Economic History, History of Technology, Urban Economic, and Enviromental Studies.


Estela Lutero, Campinas (Brazil)
Estela is Ph.D. in Economics (PhD, MSc. P.M.P.), Economic & Project Management Professional with over 15 years of experience in a variety of challenging roles in Project Management, Program Evaluation, Performance Measurement, Supply Chain Management, Public and Private Partnerships (PPPs), Infrastructure Economics, Urban Planning, Construction Project Management, Rural Development and Sustainability, International Trade and Securities Markets. Experience with a number of Government and Private Organizations in Canada: CIDA, CAC, CRA, Infrastructure Canada, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Immigration and Refugee Board; in Brazil: Sabesp, Instituto Agronomico de Campinas; Arthur Andersen; Grupo DPaschoal, Auctus Consulting, SantaConstancia Textil, Hangar 360, Shell Oil, and General Electric. Also professor, senior researcher and analyst with an outstanding academic background and a proven record of publications; experience in worldwide known institutions such as Huijia Organization (China), University of Campinas (UNICAMP, Brazil), University of Calgary (Canada), University of St-Andrews (Scotland), ESALQ (Brazil), UFLA, PUC, among many others.


Shri Amit Gupta, Kolkata (India)
Shri is MSc in Mathematics (University of Burduwan, West Bengal, India). For more than 35 years, Shri has been part of the “High Statistical Service” of the Government of West Bengal (India). He has been Head of Human Resources of this department at a regional level. Assuming responsibilities of Controlling, Drawing. In the year 2001, he was summoned by the Government of India to execute the Population Census. As well as in the Pilot Project related to the National Population Registry. Among other responsibilities, he has made the technical supervision for the GDP / NSDP, Per Capital Income (PCI). Fellow of the Council of Engineers and Technology of India and a member of the Market Research Society of India (MRSI). Shri specializes in the Central Statistical Organization (CSO, New Delhi), the Administrative Training Institute (Kolkata), and the National Institute of Rural Development (Hyderabad). Among his publications we can highlight.


Advisory Board


Marcelo F. Résico, Buenos Aires (Argentina).
Marcelo is Ph.D. in Economics (UCA, Argentina). He obtained a Master in Economics and Political Science, ESEADE (1999), and he graduated in Economics, Buenos Aires University, (1992). He is the Director of the Doctoral Program in Economics and of the Postgraduate Programs in Economics at UCA, where he performs as a senior researcher and professor. He coordinates a research program called “Programa de Estudios en Economía e Instituciones,” which as a partner institute of the IMD World Competitiveness Center (WCC) contributes to the World Competitiveness Yearbook. He was a visiting researcher of the Institute for Economic Policy (Institut für Wirtschaftspolitik–IWP) at Cologne University, Germany, and received international academic distinctions in investigation and teaching. He publishes and dictates conferences regularly, both nationally and internationally, in his research areas of Political Economy, Institutional Economics, Economic Policy, Macroeconomics and Methodology of Economics. In 2008 heIn 2008 he published the book “La Estructura de una Economía Humana. Reflexiones en cuanto a la actualidad del pensamiento de W. Röpke.”, Editorial Educa. His most recent book is “Introducción a la Economía Social de Mercado. Edición Latinoamericana.”, published in 2011 by the SOPLA office of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation,. This last work was translated into Portuguese and published in Brazil during 2012. He collaborates as an economic and institutional policy consultant for the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and other business and political associations nationally and internationally. Between 2011 and 2012 he had been advisor of the Honduras Government. He contributes frequently as columnist in several journals and newspapers.


Shri Amit Gupta, Kolkata (India)
Amit is MSc in Mathematics (University of Burdwan, West Bengal, India). For more than 35 years, Amit has been working in supervisory position and was a cadre of the “Higher Statistical Service” of the Government of West Bengal (India). He has been Head of Human Resources of this department at a regional level and has also managed the responsibility of the Controlling and Drawing Disbursements Officer for the department. In the year 2001, he was summoned by Government of India to execute the Population Census as well as the Pilot Project related to the National Population Register. Among other responsibilities, he has made the technical supervision for the GDP / NSDP, Per Capital Income (PCI), production productivity estimates etc. Elected fellow of the Council of Engineering and Technology of India and a member of the Market Research Society of India (MRSI),Amitwas associated with the Central Statistical Organization (CSO, New Delhi), the Administrative Training Institute (Kolkata), and the National Institute of Rural Development (Hyderabad). Amonghisrecentpapers, we can highlight “Vulnerable Employmentis a Socio-EconomicChallenge in IndianPerspective” SocioEconomicChallenges


Adrián O. Ravier, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Adriás is Ph.D. in Economics (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain). He obtained his PhD.  under the direction of Professor Jesús Huerta de Soto. He has been a student of ESEADE where he obtained a Master in Economics and Business Administration (2004). And he has obtained his Degree in Economics from the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the National University of Buenos Aires (2002). In an effort to expand the ideas of the Classical and Scottish School, the Austrian School, the School of Public Choice and the New Institutional Economics has been a professor at several universities in Argentina such as the same University of Buenos Aires (UBA), the Higher School of Economics and Business Administration (ESEADE), the University of Business and Social Sciences (UCES), the Universidad del Salvador (USAL) and the Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA). During the second semester of 2012 he was also a visiting professor at the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the Francisco Marroquín University in Guatemala. He currently teaches at the Faculty of Economic and Legal Sciences, and also at the Faculty of Agronomy, of the National University of La Pampa (UNLPAM, Argentina), and in postgraduate, in the Master’s program in Economics of UFM and OMMA , in the Master and Doctorate in Economics of the Swiss Management Center University (SMCU) and in the Master in Economics and Political Sciences and in the Doctorate in Business Administration of the Higher School of Economics and Business Administration (ESEADE). He is frequently invited to speak at various international conferences, symposiums and symposiums. In 2005 he received a grant from the Ludwig von Mises Institute to work for a few months with the most renowned economists of the Austrian School such as Joseph Salerno or Roger W. Garrison, among others. His work “Globalization and Peace” (also translated and published in English) was awarded in 2006 with the first prize of the Hayek Essay Contest of the Mont Pelerin Society (MPS). In 2008 he received a scholarship from the Institute for Humane Studies (IHS) that allowed him to complete his postgraduate studies in Spain. In 2012 he received the Stillman Prize for the best newspaper article on Law and Economics. In 2013 and 2014 he received mentions in the trial contest Caminos de la Libertad, in Mexico. In 2015 he obtained the 2nd prize in this same Essay Contest.


Guido Asencio, Los Lagos (Chile)
Public Accountant and Auditor, Bachelor’s of Accounting Sciences, First Certificate in Strategic Management, Second Certificate in Policies Public for Globalization, Third Certificate in Public Management, Course How to Teach Ethics and Social Responsibility at the University with the OEA and Financing of the BID, Latin American Master in Business Administration (MBA), Master in Social © Sciences with mention in Process Development Study of the Regional Societies. PhD student in Business Administration. These studies have been carried out in Chile, Germany, Mexico and the People’s Republic of China. He was an academic for more than 15 years at the Universidad de Los Lagos. Visiting professor at Universidad Santo Tomás, Universidad de las Américas, Universidad Silva Henríquez, PDI Senior Academy. At the same time he has been a public official occupying positions as Administrator of the General Treasury of the Republic in Osorno, Head of Administration and Finance of the Government of Osorno and today he is the Economic and Administrative Director of the State Technical Training Center of the Los Ríos Region.


Meryem Larhouati, Casablanca (Morocco)
Meryem is PhD. in International Economics [Candidate] from Moulay Ismail University of Meknès. She’s responsible development at Morocco’s Industry (Casablanca). Her doctoral research investigates the Moroccan territorial attractiveness. She holds a master’s degree in International Management from Moulay Ismail University of Meknès, Morocco.


Wiep Wissema, Wageningen (Netherlands)
Wiep holds a PhD. in Economic Enviromental from Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland).


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