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Author Guidelines


We are currently focusing on publishing original research works, articles, and review papers.  Author(s) can submit their research sending it to editor@oscilaciones.com

All articles will go through the double blind peer review process for ensuring the quality of the article. 

a. File type: Authors should submit their research only in MS Word (2003 or upper).  No other format is accepted. All equations should be grouped or may be prepared using equation editor software. Presently we are not able to accept formatted articles in LateX or other format, authors are informed to convert their articles only in MS-Word format. 

b. Number of Pages: Is sufiicce with no longer than 31 pages for articles and up to 8 pages for the Working Papers Reviewed into the Business Cycles field, 8 pages or less. Authors are informed that lengthening the paper will not only make the readers skip the content and hence authors are advised to write their full work within this page limit. This page limit includes all parts of the paper: title, abstract, body, bibliography, appendices, and tables. 

c. File size: A maximum file size of 4 MB is permitted if the article is more than may zip the file and send it to our mail editor@oscilaciones.com 

d. Language: Language of the articles should be in Spanish (Castle), English, Portuguese, or French. We are not processing articles in any other languages.

e. Key dates:  a) Submission deadline:  June 11th & December 8th of each year. b) Final Notification: June 28th & December 28th and; c) Publication date: July 11th & January 18th of each year.

f. File format: 


Font: Arial; Color: Blue; Single space; Margins: 2.5 cm for the top, bottom, right & left.


Title: Size 16. Centered. Upper & Lower

Author’s name & Affiliation. Size 14. Centered Upper & Lower.

Others: Size 12. Justifiy.

Abstract in English & Other Accepted Language

Left Header, Abstract(s), and Keywords size: 12. 

Abstract´s texts: Justify.

For papers written in Spanish (Castle), French, and Portuguese, two abstracts will be required one in English (restricted) and the other in original language. Each abstracts will not exceed 250 words. For those has been wrote in English, only one abstract is required.

Five keywords in italics. 

Two (almost) JEL Code is required 


Text font size: 11; Footnotes font size: 10; Justify; 

Chart & Tables

The Charts, Tables, & Graphs must be added into the paper, with the exception of the statistical data that follow the APA’s Manual (6th Ed.).

Reference List


Minsky, H.P. 1986. Stabilizing and Unstable Economy. New Heaven, Conn: Yale University Press.

Woodford, Michael. 1999. Interest and Prices: Foundations of a Theory of Monetary Policy, Princeton University Press: Princeton.

Papers published in an Institutional Journal

i.e. Federal Reserve Bank of New York, European Central Bank, BIS, OCDE, etc.

Berg, Claes. 2005. “Experience on Inflation Targeting in 20 Countries,” Economic Review, Sveriges Riksbank, First Quarter, pp. 20-47.

Goodhart, Charles A.E. 2001. “Monetary Transmission Lags and the Formulation of the Policy Decision on Interest Rates,” Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review, July/August, pp.165-181.

Paulin,Graydon, 2006. “Credibility with Flexibility: The Evolution of Inflation Targeting

Regimes,” 1990 – 2006,” Bank of Canada Review, Summer, pp. 5-18.

Rosemberg, Irma. 2007. “Riksbank to Introduce Own Path for the Repo Rate,” BIS Review, January.

Sellon, Gordon H. 2004. “Expectations and the Monetary Policy Transmission Mechanism,” Economic Review, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Fourth Quarter, pp. 5 -41.

Papers published in a Journal

Costa, Dora L. 2000. “From Mill Town to Board Room: The Rise of Women’s Paid Labor,” Journal of Economic Perspectives, vol. 14, no. 4, Autumn, pp.101-22.

Goldin, Claudia. 2006. “The Quiet Revolution That Transformed Women’s Employment, Education, and Family,” American Economic Review, vol. 96, no. 2, May, pp. 1-21.

Morris, Stephen, and Hyun S. Shin. 2002. “The Social Value o Public Information,”

American Economic Review, 92, December, pp. 1521-34.

Gyourko, Joseph, and Peter Linneman. 1993. “The Affordability of the American Dream: An Examination of the Last 30 years,” Journal of Housing Research, vol. 4, no. 1, pp. 39-72.

Glaeser, Edward L., Joseph Gyourko, and Raven E. Saks. 2005. “Why is Manhattan So

Expensive? Rgulation and the Rise in Housing Prices,” Journal of Law and Economics,

 vol. 48, October, pp. 331-70.

Greenwood, Jeremy, Ananth Seshadri, and Mehmet Yorukoglu. 2005. “Engines of

Liberation,” Review of Economic Studies, vol. 72, pp. 102 -33.

Conference Papers

Mishkin, Frederic S. 2004. “Can Central Bank Transparency Go Too Far?” NBER Working Paper 10829, October. Paper prepared for a conference on The Future Inflation Targeting, Reserve Bank of Australia, Sydney, August 9 -10.

For more details about the Reference List citation, please follow the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas Economic Review’s References


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